Simple Feature case study for furniture app


Here, I mainly work with a feature of a furniture app. In this feature I try to show that a user can watch. the AR Overview of a product before buying a product. Form this system a user can realize that how suitable will be the product when it really put in the room.

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Just look at the
number of colors...


Infusing playful energy and modern flair with a perfect typeface balance!

Home Page UI

It is a homepage of a furniture app. From this screen I try to give an overall product idea of a furniture. From the screen banner. I try to give a message to the user. I have given an idea of a product using the categories menu and I added newly arrived categories so that the user clicks on product type

Product view Page

This is a view screen of a product. From this screen I try to overview of a product. I also show multi and various color of a product, name of every product and I also add a favorite button and rating system here too. From using live button, I try to make product more attraetive to the u

iPhone 14 & 15 Pro Max - 23

AR View Product

In this screen, I try to show a product using AR which means a 3D picture. It also helps to show overall measurement when it is put in the real room. From this view, a user will be more curious to take the product by showing a 3D picture view on the screen before buying the product.

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